Luxman presents L-507Z


The Luxman L-507Z is the first of the brand’s new “Gen Z” line of equipment and involves an integrated amplifier.

There are people who swear by a classic-looking device, preferably with hefty meters on the front. For them, the new Luxman L-507Z will be a device to swoon over. But make no mistake: this is a modern device with the latest technology under the hood. It uses LIFES, the manufacturers own and new amplifier feedback engine. If the term sounds familiar to you, then you’re right: the same principle is also used in Luxman’s flagship M-10X.

88-step volume control

Worth mentioning about the Luxman L-507Z too, is the 88-step electronically controlled volume control (actually an attenuator). Besides that, you’ll find a custom made El-type power transformer under the hood, plus newly developed heavy-duty filter electrolytic capacitors. Besides the standard 6.3mm headphone jack there is also a 4.4mm one with independent ground for left and right channel. The output power of the L-507Z’s class AB is is 2 x 110 watts into 8 Ohms or 2 x 210 watts into 4 Ohms. Delivered by a final three-stage Darlington stage – three of which are parallel-connected – push-pull design. The frequency range of the integrated amplifier lyes between 20 Hz to 100 kHz (line input), while a Phono input is also provided. We notice a price tag of £8000, available from mid-August. The official price for the Netherlands is not yet known, but at Stassen Hifi we see it in their virtual window for € 9499.

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