MK Analogue SUT-1L step up trafo

MK Analogue

The MK Analogue SUT-1L step-up transformer is designed to allow low-impedance MC elements to be connected to an MM input.

If you use a turntable with an MC cartridge and have a phono preamplifier intended for MM cartridges, there is a practical problem. The two components are not compatible with each other. The SUTL-1L from the Slovenian MK Analogue offers a solution. It’s a passive device equipped with a step-up transformer (hence the abbreviation SUT). Choose between input impedances of 12, 25, 45, 100 and 180 Ohms. The unit is symmetrically constructed and, according to the manufacturer, has a large signal-to-noise distance of 115 dB. The transformer is shielded and placed in a bitumen-covered brass case. The MK Analogue SUT-1L is available in a black or silver finish, and has a price tag of €2890.

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