Musical Fidelity MX-Stream

Musical Fidelity

The MX-Stream from Musical Fidelity is a “high-end audio optimized” streamer and network bridge, which can handle various streaming services and more.

If you want to enter the wonderful world of music streaming services, or listen to your own collection from a NAS, a music streamer is indispensable. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. The MX-Stream from Musical Fidelity falls into the high-end category, according to the manufacturer. The digital part of the audio circuitry has been fully adapted and optimized for the high-end user scenario by the manufacturer’s technicians. The firmware can handle a range of streaming services, including Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify. Also playing files via the NAS or even a USB drive is no problem. Nice detail: if you connect a USB CD player, you can rip CDs. Furthermore, the MX-Stream is Roon Ready. You can connect any USB-DAC you want. The device costs £859 and, at the time of writing, cannot yet be found on the manufacturer’s website, but it can be found in the Facebook group of Musical Fidelity users.

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