Netflix experiments with paid password sharing


Netflix is not happy about all those shared passwords. After all, freeloading relatives and acquaintances up to the fifth degree don’t make a penny.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Netflix (and undoubtedly other streamers in the future as well, although they often have a parent company behind them that also has other sources of income) is looking for the “holy grail”. In terms of stabilizing revenues and subscribers, that is. This is not going well now and you could even say a free fall has begun. According to Netflix, this is largely caused by the unauthorized sharing of passwords with others. After all, they watch for free.

Paid sharing

Starting next month, the fun will be over for residents of Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. This is where the streamer will experiment with paid account sharing. On balance, just a little cheaper than taking out a regular subscription, but just not interesting enough for a lot of users so they go for a full priced subscription. Hopes Netflix. If it turns out that sharing does indeed stop, this idea will no doubt be rolled out elsewhere too.

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