Pro-Ject Amp Box S3 amplifier


Pro-Ject has released a miniature amplifier with very nice specifications, and at a very nice price level too.

That hi-fi components do not have to be behemoths in size, Pro-Ject proves with the new Amp Box S3. Despite its minimalistic dimensions, the device delivers a maximum power of 2 x 23 Watt to 8 Ohm and 2 x 40 Watt to 4 Ohm. More than enough to fill a (smaller) living room with sound. But Pro-Ject also sees a role for the little one as an amplifier for ceiling speakers, wall speakers or expansion of an existing home cinema system. It is possible to stack several Amp Box S3s and then go for bi- or even tri-amped amplification. In terms of inputs, you will find a set of RCA connectors. Also there is a jack output, trigger connections and of course speaker connectors. You do need a preamp, because the amp is set to a fixed gain factor which means that a volume control is missing.

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