Pro-Ject His Master’s Voice (HMV) record player


Pro-ject presents the limited edition of the HMV record player, a special version of the T1 bearing a very familiar logo.

His Master’s Voice is still a world-famous brand. You may not have any of them at home, but the little dog listening to an antique gramophone as its logo is known everywhere. And has been for decades. HMV – as the brand/label is abbreviated – now exists 100 years. And that is of course a huge milestone, especially in the still ‘young’ branch of recorded music. Pro-Ject also realized this and produced 300 pieces of the HMV record player. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and the player is clearly marked with a cautious listening Nipper. Nipper is the little dog that was in a painting by Francis Barroud. He sold that painting to the Grammophone Company, which later became EMI. EMI then patented the name His Master’s Voice and opened its first store in 1921. A nice detail, finally, is that the Pro-Ject HMV, although very limited, does not have an astronomical price tag: £399.99. So acting very quickly is the only thing that counts. At the time of writing, there is still nothing to be found about the newcomer on the manufacturer ‘s website, so there is still hope..

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