reProducer Audio Labs Epic 4 speakers

Audio Labs

The lovely compact reProducer Epic 4 speakers are of the active species, coming from the stables of German Audio Labs.

The new reProducer Audio Labs Epic 4 speakers are the smallest ones yet from the manufacturer. Active and all, they are a “one stop” solution for realizing high-quality computer sound, for example. Naturally, they are ideally suited for use in (smaller) studios too. But certainly also as a basis for a stereo set for small houses, or as an extension to a multi-channel system. Within the amplifier a fully analog signal path is used, driving a 4-inch mid-low-toner and a 1-inch tweeter as drivers. The crossover frequency is at 3 kHz; low frequencies are made audible from 80 Hz. You can choose between a cinch line input or an XLR connection.

50 Watt RMS

Using potentiometers on the rear panel, you can adjust the timbre by means of a treble and bass control. The volume control is also located at the back. The maximum power the built-in class D power amplifier can deliver is 50 watts RMS. Included is a carrying case, so you can take the speakers with you if you wish. Reasonably doable by the way, because the speaker weighs 3 kilos. You pay for the Audio Labs reProducer Epic 4 an amount of €1199.

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