Russ Andrews presents EVO-S PowerKord

Russ Andrews

Russ Andrews presents a new power cord in the form of the EVO-S PowerKord; the “ultimate” cord, according to manufacturer.

The new Russ Andrews EVO-S PowerKord features a star grounding configuration. In this setting, the pre- or integrated amplifier acts as the hub. The housing of every other component in the chain is then connected to the housing of the hub. And that in turn is connected via a Russ Andrews RF Router or SuperRouter. The recently introduced SuperRouter connects seamlessly to (and especially to) the new EVO-S PowerKord. In this situation, the power cord itself is grounded, which is just a bit different than grounding for safety reasons. The cord uses Kimber Kable woven construction, where the grounding conductor is spirally wound over a total of 24 phase and neutral conductors. The EVO-S PowerKord costs £1149 for one meter, £1349 for 1.5 meters and £1549 for 2 meters.

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