Shokz OpenSwim, music for swimming


The new Shokz OpenSwim is not only a headphone for swimmers, but actually a complete music player.

That the Shokz OpenSwim has a music player on board is logical. Bluetooth signals are often poorly transmitted in the water, especially if the source is your smartphone ‘somewhere’ around the pool. In short: there is a built-in flash memory on which you can store (unfortunately only) mp3 files. On the other hand, high-end sound quality in the noisy pool environment is, of course, also pretty useless. The OpenSwim works via a bone transducer, which means that your ears remain free. This also makes it an ideal headphone for other sports. While jogging on the street, you can then hear your surroundings, which is very safe.

Eight hours of playtime

With the Shokz OpenSwim you can swim normally, and even dive to a depth of two meters. Practical is the playing time of 8 hours on a full battery. Perfect for training sessions with an accompanying motivating set of music. The OpenSwim costs €159,95

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