Vertere presents DG-1 S turntable


Vertere has announced their new DG-1 S turntable, the successor to the DG-1 released three years ago.

Although the appearance of the brand new Vertere DG-1 S has not changed spectacularly, according to the manufacturer much has been improved under the hood. For example, the unconventional tone arm remained, but is now manufactured from a double five-layer plastic laminate. The previous version had ‘only’ three layers and an aluminum alloy core. The wires (threads) that provide the tone arm suspension have been modified. In particular, the Kevlar vertical wire can now be adjusted to whatever desired in matter of pressure and azimuth. The precision of the horizontal thread has – as Vertere informs us – been improved. Further innovations: an improved bearing of the turntable, updated control software for the motor and an improved coupling between the plints. The new Vertere DG-1S costs €4148.

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