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Alpha Audio is here primarily for its readers. We like to give you the best advice and hope to help you with our multi-tests and advice via email and the forum. And we’d love to continue to do so. Do. And you can help us!

As you may have noticed, in the past two years we have tried to bring the necessary advancements in the reviews. Deepening of the content through real recordings (samples) of which hundreds are already in the database. Patreon members can play them directly – lossless – via the special sample-player.

We also provide high quality livestream tests where you can respond directly and can listen in. We estimate that reviews do not get any more authentic or pure. But to improve on that… We have also invested a great deal in measuring equipment. Last year we invested in a Prism dScope III, Sourcetronic LCR-meter, Rigol scope, Rigol function generator, a Rigol spectrum analyzer and a special differential probe. We can now measure practically anything.

And that was also the goal. We are trying to establish a relationship between the objective measurements and the listening tests in large, comparative tests. The first, large test that we have carried out in this way is the test of speaker cables. We measured and blindly listened to ten cables. Very interesting and useful.

But also incredibly labor intensive and very pricey to do. We purchased an LCR meter and function generator specifically for that test. On top of that, we spent at least a month on testing, re-testing, comparing, listening, writing, etc. Now we are going to work with filter plugs. Again an enormous job. But know this: we do it with love…. it is incredibly instructive and interesting to do this kind of comparative testing. Especially if we can make a link between measuring and listening.


That depth has brought more richness to the reviews. And that benefits you in two ways: measurements provide insight into the technical skills of the manufacturer. We can also check whether a manufacturer is giving honest specifications. Samples give you an idea of the sound. Especially if you compare them to others; something the database is meant for! Now we and you (hopefully) find the tests very interesting. And useful… However, there is another part in this whole that plays a role: the importers and brands.

Now it is more and more noticeable that certain manufacturers think it is great what we are doing, but there is also a group that does not like it at all. Including large parties. We estimate that they would rather see some kind of advertorial. But we don’t do that at Alpha Audio. Incidentally, it is striking that the reluctant attitude gets worse as they grow. Maybe the risks of losing become greater? Still, it’s a shame, because we like to give you a complete overview in the comparative tests. That includes well-known brands, since they are often seen as a benchmark.

You will also understand that they – and others – will not be supporting Alpha Audio through campaigns (anymore). Usually with the excuse that there are no budgets right now (for whatever reason). However, we can’t get a platform up and running without financial resources. We have to be able to pay our rent and hosting.

Community support

One solution is for the Alpha Audio community to support us. With enough of your support we can maintain our independence and continue to do major tests. The more support, the less we need “the industry” to do what we’re doing now. Ideally Alpha Audio would run completely on the community. That won’t happen, however, but more support means more freedom in testing. Also tests that you – as a supporting community member – suggest!

What do you get as a Patreon Community member? That varies per level. But you get email priority and access to the Sample Player in the browser anyway. A level higher gives you priority access to our Open Day (if you are close enough, that could be interesting ;-)). And another level higher gives you a review of your choice.

We are working on additional benefits and exclusive content. Think of extensive specifications per review (e.g. measurements in the specs). Perhaps it is also possible to involve Patreon members in the Live reviews. In short: plenty of ideas! We hope you find us interesting enough to support! In any case, we have a dream that we would like to share with you:

To continue to create honest, independent content to help our readers make solid choices.

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