YouTube with paid access for more streamers?


YouTube may be starting – for now in the US – with the option to take subscriptions from other streaming providers (think HBO Max etc) under the YouTube flag.

Whether it’s convenient to run everything through Google in your digital life? For the sake of convenience, we will leave the answer to that question wisely unanswered. However, if you are someone who uses Gmail extensively, often works in Google Docs, leaves Chrome logged in to Google by default and regularly watches YouTube with an account that is also logged in, then it makes little difference. Not even in matter of YouTube’s newly predicted ability to also take subscriptions to other providers. Within Google’s streaming service itself, that is. The Wall Street Journal reports that such a feature has now been prepared behind the scenes for a year and a half. According to them, HBO Max, Showtime and AMC+ have already been taken on board. For now it seems to be a feature rolled out only in the US market, time will tell if it’ll come our way as well.

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