Aequo Audio met Stilla op Dutch Audio Event

Aequo Audio

Aequo Audio will demonstrate the Stilla at this year’s Dutch Audio Event at the Konigshof in Veldhoven, the Netherlands (Oct. 8 and 9).

At the upcoming edition of the Dutch Audio Event, Aequo Audio will demonstrate their special Stilla. This is an elegant loudspeaker of modest size with, according to the manufacturer, ‘an enormous soundstage and powerful full-range sound reproduction. In the spotlight this year: Stilla’s unique analog room & placement system, which enables them to easily achieve perfect low reproduction even in the most difficult spaces, without unnatural interventions’.

Specialist in difficult spaces

The manufacturer continues: ‘The interaction with the room is of undeniable importance for the final sound reproduction; something the designers at Aequo Audio have been fully aware of. For example, Stilla features a special acoustic EHDLTM lens, which ensures minimal reflections on floor and ceiling. Reflections on the speaker itself have been minimized by the use of rounded top and sides, plus a layer of special absorbent felt on the front. The most powerful weapon in the arsenal, however, is the unique analog room adjustment system called ARPECTM’.

Analog Room, Placement & Extension Control: ARPECTM

The active layer goes through a full analog signal path, with the ARPECTM system listening in on the incoming signal en route to the passive crossover. ‘From that signal a low voltage is taken and with 500W Ncore amplification per speaker provided with almost unlimited reserves: fully adjustable to space and placement through two simple dials on the speaker itself, says Aequo Audio.

Amplifier can again be selected by sound

We will stick to the manufacturer’s own words: “The reproduction is comparable to huge passive speakers uniquely matched to the room. Quite different from DSP, where there is always a delay of the active layer compared to the passive part and quality loss can occur due to double D/A conversion. Stilla, with the ARPECTM system, is able to achieve a perfectly natural and coherent low frequency reproduction even in difficult spaces. The amplifier of the system can again be selected on sound, instead of being able to drive tricky speakers’.

Aequo Audio is demonstrating Stilla at the Dutch Audio Event in room 8.

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