Alpha Audio has a new user system – on to a Community!

Alpha Audio is all about you: the reader. We always want to provide you with the best information through news and knowledge through reviews and background stories. However, we also love to connect readers with each other. That’s why we added a forum to the website. And we have now enriched the platform with a better user system. So you can easily connect with other readers!

A new system always takes some getting used to. But believe us: it’s easy to use. And it offers a lot more options and better integration in Alpha Audio. It integrates flawlessly with the Forum, the comments you post, and you can easily find and chat with other members (send messages directly). Looking for an overview of all recent activities? You can do that under Activity. Would you like to create a kind of ‘Poster Wall’? You can do that via the Widgets… Etc, etc…

A few things…

Is it all greatness? No… of course not. First of all, it’s a lot of work and sometimes quite stressful. Especially if you have to adjust things on a live website. Not pleasant. In addition, no migration is easy. Primarily, of course, we can’t lose your profile. Just like your login data. That all came along just fine. (And we had backups, of course). However, the ‘metadata’ – photos and description of the system – turned out not to be compatible. Yes: everything can be fixed, but it would have cost a lot of time and money. And even then the resolutions of the pictures are different and it does not look very nice.

We ask you to update these pictures one more time via “Edit Profile” and then in the left bar: Profile Avatar and Profile Cover. Choose some nice photos and upload them. It looks a lot nicer than an Alpha Audio logo. :-). Of course you can also add anything about your hobbies and hi-fi system under your profile. We’ve put some screenshots below to make it all a bit clearer. If you have any questions or tips: feel free to contact us!


What we are trying to achieve with this new system – which can do a lot more than what we have set up now – is that Alpha Audio becomes a true enthusiast community. Hifi is a beautiful hobby. A hobby where it’s great if we can help each other. Alpha Audio is happy to offer a platform where this can happen in peace and with respect! Want to know who is already registered? Check out the registered members here! Tip: you can filter by recently active / newly registered / Alphabetical. Alphabetical gives a complete overview.

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