AMG Giro MK II turntable


The new high-end Giro MK II turntable from Germany’s AMG is meant for audiophiles. Or as might be more appropriate: vinylophiles.

It’s not exactly the offer of the week, this new AMG Giro MK II turntable. After all, it carries a price tag of €6250. This means that you must be seriously fond of combining vinyl with sound quality. If that’s the case, then have a look at the newcomer. The model is a refresh of its predecessor, hence the MK II. According to the manufacturer, it’s mainly audible improvements, or better: improvement in the sound image. It should lead to a higher dynamic range and more spaciousness. To achieve this, among other things, a new platter is used, weighing 5.8 kilograms (a 40% gain over the original). A hydrodynamic slide bearing encloses the 16 mm plateau axis and should ensure as little friction as possible.

Upgrading to linear power supply possible

A, according to AMG (which stands for Analog Manufaktur Germany, by the way) ‘super quiet and perfectly damped’ 12 Volt DC motor should ensure a perfectly accurate and constant speed. Also the tone arm base has been renewed, which for example means you can place tone arms of various brands. Other interesting features are the capacitive touch controls, electronic fine-tuning of speed, optional 9″ tone arms from AMG with patented two-point bearing and the possibility to upgrade to a linear power supply.

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