‘Chromecast HD runs on Android 12’


According to leaked specs, the still hypothetical (but also fairly leaked) Chromecast HD runs on Android 12 with Google TV. And that promises interesting possibilities.

It has been buzzing with rumors for a while around a newly envisioned Google Chromecast, probably with the addition ‘HD’ to its name. What-Hifi reports that more has leaked about the specifications of the alleged gem. For instance, it should run on Android 12, which is a substantial improvement over its predecessor. The latter was forced to remain stuck at (because not enough storage space for upgrading) on Android 10. Also interesting is that – again according to leaks – the Amlogic S805X2 SoC will be used as a base. This one supports the AV1 protocol. This highly efficient compression algorithm is already widely used by Amazon Prime Video,Netflix and Google itself. By the way, in terms of price, the Chromecast HD should come in below the 4K version, where – again according to rumors – you should think about an amount of around €40.

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