devolo x home network app


devolo introduces a fundamentally updated version of its Home Network app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

The new Home Network app from devolo offers improved user guidance and smart extras such as an integrated Wi-Fi speed test. It will be available as a completely revised version in the app stores of iOS and Android devices. User-friendliness and functionality are the focus of this revision, for which several user studies and beta tests were conducted. The result is an app for smartphones and tablets that makes the management of devolo products for the home network much simpler and easier, according to the manufacturer. The app supports all current devices, from Powerline or mesh WiFi adapters to repeaters. It will now even be possible to control new products that are yet to come onto the market using the Home Network app.

Easy, fast, clear

In the devolo Home Network app, users will find everything they need to manage their home network. An interactive wizard and helpful step-by-step instructions help you through the setup, and intuitive menus then allow you to control all the important functions. In addition, firmware updates are very easy to perform via the app. In case of problems, an integrated help center offers clear support to quickly find a solution. The likewise revamped guidance during installation and use of devolo products makes all functions very accessible. For example, even users who are not very tech-savvy can set up a guest network or oversee and optimize WiFi performance in just a few simple steps, the manufacturer promises.

Features for advanced users

For experienced users, devolo’s new Home Network app also provides access to “Advanced Settings” so they can fine-tune their home network. In addition, this version of the app features new intelligent functions, such as an integrated WiFi speed test. This makes the Home Network app a convenient all-in-one solution for devolo home networks: from managing multiple Powerline networks and configuring a mesh network, to setting up secure WiFi access for guests. All important information and settings can thus be easily found within a few taps in the app.

General information and availability

In addition to all this, the home network benefits from the advantages of the current WiFi 6 standard (also known as WiFi ax). This mainly includes OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access). Which is a modulation technology that ensures more efficient use of available frequencies. Moreover, thanks to MU-MIMO, which works in two directions, even multiple devices can be optimally connected at the same time. ‘This is important for every modern household, given that the number of WiFi clients is increasing every year. The Target Wake Time (TWT), which is significantly optimized compared to normal networks, regulates wireless communication in a very efficient way and puts devices into sleep mode for longer if they do not need a connection at that time. This form of more regular and longer breaks in wireless communication saves energy and battery capacity,’ devolo reports.

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