Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MK V SE CD player


Norway’s Electrocompaniet has released the EMC-1 MK V SE CD player, originally intended only for the Chinese market, into the EU.

The EMC-1 MK V SE CD player from Electrocompaniet is a high-end model. This is not only reflected in its appearance, or the CD tray with – for Europe in the SE or Special Edition unique and included – spider-shaped CD clamp. It is also clear from the price of € 7999 that this is a classy player that is not intended for everyone. Furthermore, the ‘European’ SE version is equipped with a different front and in addition to the aforementioned clamp, plus you also get a power cable from IsoTek (the Evo3 Elite, to be exact). The fully symmetrical DAC is coupled to a discrete output stage.

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