Farad Power Supplies with lots of news

Farad Power Supplies

Farad Power Supplies has several new items to report. Good to keep in mind in case you’re looking for a new power supply!

Farad Power Supplies, according to its founders, began in 2018 as a creative project ‘for a change’. You know how those kinds of “for side” projects sometimes turn out. In the case of this project, at least, it grew like a cabbage. The brand’s power supplies are beloved, which means that Farad Power Supplies has now moved to a space with more production capacity. Also new is the webshop, which according to the manufacturer now suits much better to what the brand stands for. There you will find, among others, the latest versions of the Super3 series. Power supplies with a truly linear -12V and 15 V outputs. Plus upgrade kits for the Chord Dave (level 2 cable assemblies and power management module). Practical is that from now on payments via credit card are possible.


There have been rumors for some time about a Power10 that is about to be launched. According to Farad Power Supplies, these rumors are indeed true. You can expect the 10 Amp power supply in the third quarter of this year. Also on the verge of being released is a brand new ATX super-capacitor power supply that will allow you to take computer-based audio projects to the next level.

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