Focal presents new Utopia


Focal releases a new version of Utopia headphones, including a refreshed design and improved acoustic properties.

The Focal Utopia headphones rank among the best in the world. However, the French manufacturer continues to “tinker” with the concept. Best can always be better, according to them. Witness the latest iteration of the Utopia. In it, among other things, a new voice coil has been used, as well as M-shaped grilles in the ear cups. The honeycomb structure on the outside definitely gives the headphones a distinctive look. The black-chrome-colored rings are placed from the inside in the latest version, which should provide a more uniform appearance.


The mentioned voice coil is made of copper and aluminum (or better: an alloy of those), for better conductivity and lower weight, respectively. The coil should provide an even higher degree of neutrality, with a solid low and soft high, according to Focal. Furthermore, these are – like the previous versions – open headphones. Upon purchase, you will receive, among other things, a matching case, as well as two hi-fi cables (3 meters and 1.5 meters). An official price is not yet known at the time of writing, but it seems to be around €5000.

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