iPhone 14 will be presented on September 7


Apple will hold its annual event on September 7 to present new iPhones. This year it is the turn of number 14.

Apple is also suffering from delivering problems. At least, so it seems if we are to believe the rumors – at least some of which often turn out to be true. First of all, the phones will probably become more expensive. But also – and this is particularly striking – the “base model” iPhone 14 will reportedly get the SoC (System on a Chip) from the previous generation of phones. At the same time, the Pro version of the iPhone 14 will get a new beating heart. In this way, Apple obviously has to worry a little less about parts shortages.

Skip it?

Because the prices of the phones are also going up, there is a good chance that many iPhone 13 (and perhaps also those of the 12 series) will skip a year. Replacing an iPhone 13 – when it comes to speed – seems pretty pointless now anyway. Assuming all the “allegations” are true. Nothing else is known about the audio side of the newcomers, probably that remains des iPhone’s and thus no hires without external DAC. What will finally be made public you will know after the Far Out event on September 7.

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