Live Stream Event – TAD – Perlisten – PMC – Sept. 25, 2022 – 10:30 a.m

Big, bigger… :-). We are going all out this Sunday! We have gathered three wonderful floorstanders to show you. The TAD Evolution 2, the Perlisten S7t and the PMC Fact. 12. Three speakers that are not …. unpeasant to listen to, so to say, The driving electronics are largely our own reference system…. with a twist. What that is, we won’t give away just yet

Next Sunday – September 25 – 10:30 a.m. – we have another delicious livestream at the Artone studios. This time we’re going wild with three beasts of floorstanding speakers.

The TAD Evolution Two you know by now from our reviews and sample videos. In addition, we put the new Perlisten S7t and the PMC Fact. 12. We are also putting in live music again. If all goes well it will be something very different this time. Namely, the Al Andalous Ensemble. Arabic music… We are very curious to see how that will sound in the Artone studio!

We hope to see you next Sunday on the livestream! We are looking forward to it.

Live Stream – TAD – Perlisten – PMC

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