Live Stream plug in filters – 17th september 2022 – 10:30

The time has finally come! The Live stream test with plug-in parallel filters is coming up. Next Saturday – 17 September – we will go live around 10:30. As with the speaker cables, we will perform the test blind.

Regular readers know that we have been testing plug-in filters for the past couple of weeks nw. By now, all measurements have been done and it’s time for the listening test. We are going to do that blind. You can watch via a livestream. Now, this stream is not really meant as entertainment, but more as a look behind the scenes. Of course, we will comment from time to time, but we will not be using live music and fancy direction.

The stream will start around 10:30. We don’t dare say when it will be over: we have to test 10 filters, so it is quite a big job. It could just take until 14:30 or 15:00.

De Live Stream

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