Pro-Ject BT Box E HD


The Pro-Ject BT Box E HD turns an existing Bluetooth-less pre- or integrated amplifier into a Bluetooth-capable one.

Although many modern integrated and preamplifiers have Bluetooth onboard, this is far from always the case. You will not find this option on older hi-fi devices either. To still be able to use Bluetooth when the need arises, a device like the new Pro-Ject BT Box E HD comes in very handy. In this particular device, both aptX and aptX HD are supported, which means that – depending on the source – you’ll get a better sound quality in comparison to the standard SBC protocol. Which, by the way, is also supported for non-aptX capable sources. It is notable that AAC is missing, so if you mainly have sources from the Apple ecosystem in your home, you will only get the much lower SBC quality out of it. The Pro-Ject BT Box E HD can store up to 8 different connection data. A switchable analog or digital Toslink output is available. A separate power supply is included. Choose from black or white, you will pay €139 for it.

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