Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3


You love vinyl, but hate the noise and crackles that are irrevocably associated with the medium? Then Pro-Ject has the solution!

It actually sounds a bit contradictory. The vinyl enthusiasts loves vinyl, because it sounds – according to them – better than anything else. At the same time, of course, analog artifacts are audible. Especially in the form of crackle and some noise. If you don’t really like that, then Pro-Ject has the new Vinyl NRS Box S3 ready for you. This is a DSP filter that takes care of these side effects and treats you to a ‘clean’ sound. With this filter, even older vinyl that is already showing signs of wear and tear should become a clean pleasure to listen to again. Internally, the analog signal is converted to 24-bit / 96 kHz and then handed over to a DSP that does the magic. To finally be converted back to a pleasantly audible analog signal. For a sum of $334 this little gem is yours.

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