Roon 2.0 with ARC


Roon 2.0, thanks to Roon ARC, allows you to listen to your music collection anywhere in the world via an app.

Out and about and in need of a particular track that’s lingering on a hard drive somewhere at home? Then you are in luck if you have Roon 2.0 installed. Together with the Roon ARC app – available for both iOS and Android – you can then access your complete music collection from anywhere in the world. The only requirement – of course – is that you have an Internet connection (at least, if you want to stream “live”). A nice detail is that the upgrade does not cost you a penny. Assuming you are a subscriber to the system, but that doesn’t sound entirely illogical. ARC further integrates seamlessly with TIDAL and Qobuz, giving you a mountain of music on the go.

Streaming or pre-downloading

The makers of the app promise that it uses the same framework as for the home version, as far as audiophile streaming is concerned. In other words, it should provide the best possible sound quality from the device you’re streaming from. Nice extra detail: before leaving, you can download playlists and albums. Handy for when you don’t have internet on the road. Extra advantage: no compression is applied in that scenario.

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