Roon announces new partners


Roon has announced a whole series of new partners who will soon (and in part already) be Roon Ready and (or) Roon Tested.

Roon is still going strong. The music management and playback system has a growing number of followers. The vast majority of those also use the “better quality hi-fi equipment”. Not surprisingly, because it was designed for exactly that purpose. The company regularly announces new partners or new devices from existing partners. This summer it is the turn of Hegel (H390, H590 ‘ultimate’), dCS (Lina Headphone System), Thrax Audio (Ares MkII), Matrix Audio (Element i2, Element M2, Element X2, Mini-i Pro 3), TAD (D1000TX, DA1000TX), Burson Audio (Composer 3XP, Conductor 3P, Conductor 3R, Conductor 3X GT, Conductor 3XR, Playmate 2, Timekeeper 3i).

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