Synology presents FlashStation FS3410


The new Synology FlashStation FS3410 is primarily designed for businesses, but should you have a solid home theater one more…

Synology has announced the availability of the FS3410, the latest in the FlashStation family of all-flash network attached storage servers. As a mid-range 3000 series unit, the FS3410 is a cost-effective powerhouse with excellent out-of-the-box networking capabilities. Its high throughput makes it ideal for use cases that require high-performance storage, including VM storage and protection, file synchronization, and enterprise application hosting. Primarily intended for businesses, of course. Apart from the fact that it is interesting to take a look at this kind of pro equipment from time to time, the FS3410 can also be useful in “home” situations. For example if you have a large collection of locally saved 4K and above movies for use in a home theater. Thanks to the fast CPU, virtual machines also run well. And you can run operating systems in them as desired.


“The FS3410 fulfills the need for faster and more responsive storage solutions in scenarios such as high-resolution video post-production, building information modeling (BIM), geographic information systems (GIS) and large-scale CAD projects,” said Julien Chen, Product Manager at Synology. “Its all-flash performance makes it excellent for hosting storage for virtual machines and productivity applications like MailPlus, our secure and reliable private email server.”

Designed for demanding environments

The FS3410, equipped with the versatile Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, is a 24-slot 2U model. It is a dual NAS and SAN solution with an eight-core Intel Xeon processor, including optional support for Fibre Channel and faster 40/56GbE networking capabilities.(1) With its powerful performance – as much as 356,000/129,000 4K random read/write IOPS(2) – this solution is suitable as a file server, block storage system or server for light-duty applications that offers high availability, reliability and industry-leading storage technology.

Predict Disk Health

Synology’s enterprise storage systems feature a market-proven design and are built for maximum reliability. Advanced storage drive monitoring features allow administrators to better and more accurately predict drive health. Essential drive firmware updates are also performed automatically.(3)

Fast and reliable VM storage

The FS3410 is fully certified to support VMware® vSphere™, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, OpenStack Cinder and also supports Kubernetes CSI. Advanced storage management and LUN functionality supports VMware VAAI and Windows ODX for faster VM performance and is able to create, restore and clone snapshots at lightning speed. Volume level deduplication efficiently reduces storage footprint by up to 3.15:1

High Availability

Maximum service availability can be achieved with Synology High Availability, which pairs the FS3410 with an identical device to create a high availability cluster. The active/passive architecture transfers services within minutes in the event of a planned or unexpected failure of a single device.

Virtual Machine and Infrastructure Protection

Synology FlashStations include comprehensive applications to back up and protect virtual machines based on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. Users can easily protect their existing infrastructure with Active Backup for Business and quickly restore virtual machines to different systems or even the FS3410 itself.


The Synology FS3410 is available now through Synology’s partners and channel networks. The suggested retail price is £5,700 (ex VAT) or £6,840 (inc VAT).For more information on the FS3410, please visit

Notes 1. Please refer to for the latest compatibility information. 2. Performance figures are obtained through internal testing at Synology. Actual performance may vary depending on test environment, usage and configuration. See the performance charts for more information. 3. Advanced SSD lifetime analysis and firmware updates are only available for supported Synology SSDs. 4. Synology measured a data reduction ratio of over 3.15:1 based on 10 VMs configured for remote desktop, with two operating systems and business applications installed. Volume-level deduplication is only available for volumes consisting of Synology SSDs.

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