The Chord Company rolls out ChorAlloy technologie

The Chord Company

The Chord Company has gradually started rolling out the new ChorAlloy technology for their connectors.

The new multi-plated connectors are an immediate upgrade to almost the entire Chord Company range. Distributor Latham Audio explains: ‘ChorAlloy is a multi-metal plating technology that brings a significant improvement over the previous silver-plating and is a clear step forward in performance. The new plating has several advantages; lower intermodulation, shrinkable and solderability plus freedom from future silver oxidation’. To continue, ‘The adverse effects of silver oxidation (silver sulfide ag2s) were recently discovered by the technical specialists at The Chord Company. It had been discovered that silver sulfide could give intermodulation effects at high frequencies. This discovery led to the development of ChorAlloy’.

Where Used

Since this fall, the new ChorAlloy plated connectors and plugs have been fitted to VEE3 and PTFE RCA/PHONO connectors, ChordOhmic speaker connectors (both banana and spade), USB types A and B, BNC connectors and the connection pins of DIN and XLR connectors. C-series cables, HDMI, streaming cables and mini-jack connectors remain unchanged.

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