Triangle Magellan birthday speakers


France’s Triangle celebrates its 40th birthdat and that’s obviously reason enough to celebrate! You can join the party too if you want, in a ‘limited’ way.

Triangle has released the four-model Magellan series in a special and especially limited anniversary edition. By purchasing one of those ‘birthday speakers’, you’ll take part in celebrating the party more closely. Or somewhat like this the thought will be, without doubt. What first stands out about the anniversary versions are three new color finishes: Shadow Zebrano, Golden Oak and Space Black. But special features can also be found under the hood. For example, this time the TZ2900 tweeter has a new diaphragm made of an equally new magnesium alloy. The shape resulted from a long series of intensive computer simulations, the manufacturer reveals. Furthermore, there is the new LHS 2 cooling element that should dissipate heat generated from drivers via a heat transport ring. Audioquest supplied the internal cabling. Pricing for the Triangle Magellan 40th anniversary edition is as follows:

  • Quatuor 40th, €7000
  • Cello 40th, Duetto 40th, €5500
  • Voce 40th €3000

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