Vertere Acoustics presenteert PHONO-1 MKII

Vertere Acoustics

UK-based Vertere Acoustics has announced the PHONO-1 MKII, which boasts even better performance than its predecessor.

Progress is – in principle – unstoppable. And so a new version of the Vertere Acoustics PHONO-1 MKII has appeared. According to the manufacturer, the phono preamplifier delivers improved performance. Thanks in part to a new gold-plated and L-shaped circuit board and more dipswitches to customize it. According to Vertere Acoustics, the sound improvement is subtle but significant. This phono preamplifier can handle both MM and MC elements. Via the mentioned dipswitches you choose from 15 input impedances and 9 input capacities. Available in various finishes , at a cost of €1648.

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