8K TVs banned in EU from next year?


EU’s rule-making is weird, sometimes. For example: the maximum power consumption of TVs will be severely limited next year, which is a problem for 8K TVs.

If you want to buy an 8K TV and you live within the EU, you may have to act very quick. New EU regulations prohibit TVs that exceed a certain power consumption. For example, for a 65-inch one, we are talking about a maximum of only 112 watts. This is already a big challenge for OLED televisions with a resolution of 4K, among others. 8K TVs simply fall off in this scenario, thet use significantly more energy. The new rules go into effect on March 1, 2023. There may still be a small escape route, with manufacturers setting energy-efficient resolution and brightness as the default mode. As a result, the TV consumes significantly less energy right out of the box. Whether it will prove enough to keep power below the limit that way? Time will tell. There is a risk that within the EU the 8K sets will no longer be available at all, or that they will be delivered with a lot less features. So pay attention.

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