Additional benefits for Patreon members

Regular readers of Alpha Audio know that we have been implementing Patreon for a while now; a ‘subscription system’ that makes it possible to build community support. It makes it possible for us to continue creating independent content as well as other types of articles; additional content for our community, for example.

At Alpha Audio we believe in in-depth articles, and large, comparative tests. That’s why we started measuring – and continue to expand the measuring equipment – and regularly set up large, comparative tests. Think big tests with: amplifiers, speaker cables, plug-in filters, dacs, speakers.

The reason we like to put devices side by side is that only then can you get real insight into how A compares to B, C, D, etc. These tests are in almost all cases supported by measurements and sound samples, to show you – the followers of Alpha Audio – all sides of the product.

At Alpha Audio we either do things right or we don’t do them at all. That’s why we purchased a separate LCR meter for the speaker cable test. And for the plugin filter test an extra spectral analyzer and special dummy loads. To be honest: we find it very interesting ourselves to find out how things really work.

Extra advantages

Now, we will always make these kinds of big tests. That’s what Alpha Audio is for. But on the other hand, we would love to give something back to our Patreon members. The plan is to start publishing special, premium background articles for our Patreon members. These will be accessible after you log in with your Patreon account. The reason we are doing this is simple: we would also like to give the members who support us something unique.

There are also some other benefits: members get access to the Sample Player which streams all samples in lossless quality. Everything is in a neat index. So you no longer have to download the samples: you can stream them directly. Searching is also a bit easier in this player. Finally, we will sometimes give earlier access to articles and members sometimes get earlier insight into what we are working on. Think of earlier access to measurements or samples we are making for a big test. Nice right? :-).

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