Apple Music now on Xbox too


Apple Music has become available on Microsoft’s Xbox game console, but with some restrictions.

First but the good news: Apple Music is rolled out on the Xbox. Because this console is often situated in the living room, more or less near, for example, a surround amplifier or even a soundbar, you can now use the device to listen to music. Even while gaming, if desired, an Apple Music track can be played in the background. Unfortunately, the implementation also has its limitations. The biggest drawback is that the option to stream lossless is missing. As a result, you do not get the most out of it in terms of sound quality, a miss. Playing Dolby Atmos tracks will not work either. Strangely enough, 4K video playback is supported, though. So music videos do come out razor sharp. Anyway, if you use Apple Music, then all you have to do on an Xbox is log in with the iTunes account and you’re done.

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