Audio Technica hand-painted anniversary headphones

Audio Technica

Audio Technica has been around for 60 years and to mark the occasion, the company is releasing a new limited edition hand-painted headphone.

A “human touch” on the rather mass-produced products on the shelves these days is always nice. Hence, Audio Technica’s new anniversary edition wooden headphones ATH-W2022 are refreshing. The ear cups are made of Mizume, which is the Japanese version of birch wood. On them you will find hand-painted Sakura, better known in our parts as cherry blossoms and “hou-ou“ phoenix designs. Either way, the Japanese roots are clearly visible. Unfortunately, only one hundred of the 60-year-anniversary edition will be produced. Internally, a 58mm driver is used; placed on the diaphragm is a titanium center dome just 30 microns thick. Acting fast is necessary given the very limited edition; you will pay €10,000 for the Audio Technica ATH-W2022.


Do you have less with headphones but more with vinyl? Then you too can celebrate 60 years of Audio Technica. In that case, choose the new AT-MC2022 cartridge, only 60 of which will be produced. A special feature here is a laboratory-produced single-diamond combination of needle tip and needle. This dual MM cartridge also costs €10,000.

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