Audiolab DC Block 6: away with noise


The Audiolab DC Block 6 promises to get rid of a DC offset on the mains, while also getting to grips with RFI/EMI.

The name DC Block 6 chosen by Audiolab may seem a bit confusing. Namely, it is not a DC adapter of some kind, but a ‘DC blocker’. A rather essential difference. And the functionality concerning blocking a possible DC offset on the mains voltage is not an unimportant one. After all, a DC component on the AC mains leads to lesser performance of regular power transformers. And eventually even to a louder humming noise from the transformer itself, which you as an audio enthusiast probably don’t want either. The Audiolab DC Block 6 removes this DC component and rebalances the AC voltage. Furthermore, EMI and RFI are taken care of, the manufacturer promises. The number 6 indicates the number of line voltage connections on the device: six in total. In the form of female Euroconnectors. The price isn’t too bad: $395.

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