Electrompaniet AW800 M


On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, Electrocompaniet releases the AW800 M mono power amplifier.

Electrocompaniet celebrates its 50th anniversary; at the same time, it has been 25 years since the legendary AW600 Nemo amplifier saw the light of day. The anniversary AW800 M mono power amplifier is a worthy successor in the line. Nice detail, however, is that you can also switch it to a stereo configuration via a switch on the back. Or go for Bi-Amping. Of course, the ‘800’ in the type number stands for the power the amplifier can deliver in mono mode: a maximum of 800 watts.

Newly designed output stage

Internally, use is made of the proprietary Electrocompaniet direct coupled high open loop bandwidth. Furthermore, a completely new output stage is designed that shields inputs and driver stage from the load as much as possible. In the output stage we find a total of 32 high-bandwidth biplane power transistors. The buffer capacitors in the power supply have a combined capacity of 210000 uF. The Norwegian-made AW800 M costs €21,500, or go for a pair a €43,000.

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