Google Pixel Tablet with little extra


A Google Pixel tablet is about to be launched, as it looks now, in 2023, obviously running on Android.

What makes the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet interesting, among other things, is the fact that Google is using its in-house designed Tensor G2 SoC as a base in it. Other than that, it’s a standard tablet in terms of appearance, which of course doesn’t allow for a whole lot of crazy excesses either. Thanks to support for a pen and split-screen capability, everyone should be satisfied – in terms of user scenario. That “extra” in the title consists of the fact that the Pixel Tablet can be magnetically clicked onto a speaker. Once that’s done, it becomes a smart display. You can then use it as a smart picture frame, for example, but you can also use it to watch a movie while the tablet is charged on the speaker. Further details are still missing. Not an iPad-killer we guess, but something for anyone who necessarily wants an Android tablet.

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