Musical Fidelity M6x 250.7 surround amp

Musical Fidelity

The new Musical Fidelity M6x 250.7 is a multi-channel amplifier intended for home theater use.

Musical Fidelity is of course best known for its “classic” stereo amplifiers. Now the M6x 250.7 has been added to that list. This is a 7-channel amplifier, with each output driven by a Class A/B amplifier with a power of 250 watts per channel (in 4 Ohms, peak 400 watts). According to the manufacturer, the power transformer is of the “super silent” variety. Annoying fans are also not found in the design, so the device does its job in silence. The SNR is 105 dB (at 1 kHz / 200 watts), while the THD + N is 0.003% (at 100 watts). You connect the Musical Fidelity M6x 250.7 to a multichannel preamplifier or AV receiver, using either balanced XLR inputs or unbalanced RCA inputs. Bi-amping is also an option. The 7-channel version costs $3388; a cheaper 5-channel and more expensive 11-channel variant are also on the way.

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