Netflix rolls out ad supported subscription


Netflix will begin rolling out its advertising subscription on Nov. 3, starting in the UK and US.

For the time being, we don’t have to be sad that Netflix’s long-rumored ad subscription is not yet available in the Netherlands. That’s because the price has now been revealed for the streaming service’ s new subscription service, which launches in the US and UK on November 3: $6.99 versus £4.99 per month. And that’s for the basic version, which means not only will you get a lot of advertising served (about 5 minutes per hour in total, divided into blocks of 15…30 seconds each) but you’ll also have to deal with restrictions. For example, in the basic subscription you cannot download movies to watch offline, while some of the content is simply not available to this user group. The picture quality has also been scaled back, to 720p to be exact.

Not really interesting

All in all, this is an expensive subscription for which you get very little fun in return. Many commercials, low image quality and no full access to all content. But perhaps fine for those who want to save money, although it is not particularly much.

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