New Apple TV 4k with HDR10+


Apple quietly announced without further fanfare a new Apple TV 4K, with features of interest to movie lovers.

First, the SoC in the newcomer (which includes CPU and GPU cores) has been updated. To the A15 Bionic to be exact, as used in the iPhone 13 and the base model iPhone 14. This makes the Apple TV 4K a lot more current than former versions ever were, as well as a lot faster. On the GPU side, there is even a 30% speed gain. This means that ‘heavy’ games will mostly run smoothly on the little system too now. Also nice is, that the device consumes thirty percent less energy than its predecessor, making a fan unnecessary. Biggest news for movie watchers though, is that HDR10+ is supported by the new Apple TV 4K. The price of the device is surprisingly low: $169 for the model with 64GB storage and $189 for the 128GB variant. The latter also includes an Ethernet connection for wired connectivity.

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