Pro-Ject Coulourful Audio System


Pro-Ject has put together a colorful set under the name Colourful Audio System, because after all, hi-fi doesn’t have to be boring!

No one ever chiseled in granite that hi-fi has to be silver or black in color. At least that is the vision of Pro-Ject, which has several colorful devices in its range anyway. To make it easier for you to get a color-matching set in your home, there is now the Austrian manufacturer’s Colourful Audio System. Consisting of various components in similar colors. In terms of hardware, we are talking about the Pro-Ject MaiA S3, a stereo amplifier with Bluetooth; the Speaker Box 5 S2, the speaker cable Connect LS S2 and Damp It insulating feet. Choose from five colors: black, silver fir green, golden yellow, steel blue, white and a version with real wood veneer. A color matched set costs $1,799.

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