Victrola Stream Carbon ‘Works with Sonos’


The Victrola Stream Carbon is a turntable compatible with Sonos’ ecosystem, or in other words ‘Works with Sonos’.

Do you still have vinyl lying around, but at the same time have entered the modern age and using Sonos speakers? Then the Victrola Stream Carbon is a logical addition to your setup. This turntable integrates seamlessly with Sonos equipment, which is why it is labeled ‘Works with Sonos’. Which means that in terms of integration and operation, you have nothing to worry about. The latter – operating, that is – is done either via the Sonos app or via the buttons on the player itself. And that itself is built around a low-resonance plinth as well as ‘premium metal turntable components’. The tonearm is made of carbon fiber and comes standard with the Ortofon Red 2M MM cartridge. Which can also be replaced with something else if desired. The Victrola Stream Carbon is available starting this month, at a price of $799.99.

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