64 Audio Forte Blanc in-ear

64 Audio

64 Audio presents a limited edition of the well-known Forte in-ear, only 500 will be released.

The very limited 64 Audio Forte Blanc in-ear is a “new interpretation of the Forte,” according to the manufacturer. Much attention has been paid to the “ultimate”. For example, even solder tin from Mundorf (their Surpreme variant) has been used, but also for the drivers and housing, material of only the very best quality was selected. By the way, you will find four drivers per cap. To be precise, an open dynamic one for the bass, a balanced armature version for the mids and a Tia-balanced driver for high-mid as well. The 64 Audio Forte Blanc comes in exclusive packaging and features a ceramic cover. The impedance is 10 Ohms and the frequency range is from 5 Hz to 20 kHz. A balanced and unbalanced cable are included. The set costs €4399.

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