Live Massatest – Integrated Amplifiers – 2500 Euro – 27-11-2022 – 10:30

Next Sunday – November 27, 2022 – 10:30 CET – we will put seven integrated amplifiers – price range around 2500 Euro – side by side. This will – not unexpectedly – be done in the now familiar way: your author will measure everything and the authors on the bench will do the test blind. In this way we can try to establish a link between objective measurements and subjective listening tests. Although a blind test is also partly objective, but taste still plays a big role there 🙂

We do this mass test in the Alpha Audio listening room. This stream, Geoffrey has also come over from southern Belgium. In other words, your review team is complete this stream!

The candidates

We have gathered the following fortifiers for you:

  • Yamaha A-S1200
  • Cyrus Classic AMP
  • Rega Elicit MK5
  • Advance Paris A12
  • ARCAM SA30
  • Moon 250i
  • Atoll IN300

We think this is a particularly nice list, even if we say so ourselves! :-).

Both sides

As mentioned, we have measured everything and will be listening on Sunday. The measurements will, of course, be in the written article. The listening test is done blind where your author does the changes and Yung, Martijn and Geoffrey then write down what they experience. This keeps this test as objective as possible.

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