Advance Paris launches new ‘hybrids’

Advance Paris

Avance Paris is releasing a series of new ‘hybrid’ products, to be exact: the A12 Classic, MyConnect 250 and X-cd9.

Advance Paris started delivery of three new products, according to importer-distributor Servi-Q. According to them, two models can be seen as ‘on top off’ the successful hybrid models A10 Classic integrated amplifier and the Myconnect 150 All-in-One, ‘Apart from more connectivity, these products stand out in particular because of the power amplifier deployed. Both new models A12 Classic and MyConnect 250 are distinguished by an, for both models, identical Dual-Mono mounted output stage with an impressive power output of 280W (at 4 Ohms) and 190W (at 8 Ohms) per channel. In terms of connections, both models are at an exceptionally high level. It could hardly be more complete. HDMI-ARC and HDMI Audio-IN, Phono MM with adjustable values and MC High and Low, multiple optical and coaxial inputs as well as AES/EBU. ‘Plenty of analog cinch and XLR inputs and also two adjustable headphone outputs complete it all,’ says Servi-Q’.

CD player

The distributor and importer continues: ‘In the field of hybrid designs for CD players, Advance Paris has a long history. In fact, there have always been hybrid CD players in the range. In addition to the X-CD1000EVO, a cheaper hybrid CD player in the form of the X-cd9 is now available. In this model, the tubes are nicely placed in the front panel. The power supply has a toroidal transformer which is placed as far as possible from the digital circuit to minimize interference’.

Common retail prices are:

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