Alpha High End Clarisys-show

Alpha High End

Alpha High End in Belgian Uccle (Brussels) is organising a show around the Clarisys brand on Nov. 20 and 27.

Besides love for the weather, they also have a love for high-end audio in Ukkel (Belgium). That is, if you visit the shop Alpha High End Audio (not related to ‘us’, by the way) located there. They scheduled some nice shows  for this month. ‘What’s the surprise and what’s happening on November 20 and 27 in our Uccle auditorium? To find out what’s behind this preview under the blanket of discovering the Clarisys Audio Auditorium, register now by phone or e-mail and indicate the session of your choice: 11:00 or 14:30. Around a tasting, you will discover the Clarisys Audio Auditorium panel speakers and other wonderful electronics. For those who do not yet know Alpha High End, this is the time to become familiar with equipment accessible to all, not to mention the wise advice of a team of audiovisual enthusiasts. Your patience will be in harmony with your desire and your “high fidelity.”‘, writes an enthusiastic Alpha High End.

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