Amazon Music Unlimited gets more expensive


Music streamers are moving on all sides when it comes to subscription prices, for example Amazon has announced it is raising prices.

Music streamers are crossing the ‘psychological’ limit of $10 / €10 and so on. Apple has started the price raise-movement, there are Spotify rumors of a price doubling for lossless streaming. And meanwhile, Amazon has announced that a price increase for their Amazon Music Unlimited is also on its way. Depending on the type of subscription, the increase will range from €0.50 to €4. The new subscription prices will take effect starting this month. According to Amazon, the raise is necessary to offer new content and more features. Now it remains to be seen what subscribers will do. Often people have multiple subscriptions with different streamers. Chances are that in times of economic malaise, choices will be made. Or maybe just go back to buying individual albums on iTunes and the like? Has the advantage that they remain yours and can be played anywhere, anytime…

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