Bose presents their Music Amplifier


Bose has released the brand new Music Amplifier, which can handle both older and a whole lot more recent sources.

The Bose Music Amplifier delivers up to 2 x 125 watts of power, equipped with quite a few connection options. First, let’s look at the classics. In case you still have a CD player, or another source with a line output a line-in is available. More interesting perhaps is what the Music Amplifier has to offer in terms of modern connectivity. You can pair via Bluetooth, but Apple Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and Chromecast are also available. Streaming is thus easily arranged, where you can choose from wireless connection via wifi or wired via Ethernet.

Automatic sound balance adjustment

It is nice to know that the Bose Music Amplifier can drive two speaker pairs, for example an extra set of outdoor speakers for the terrace. Furthermore, the manufacturer promises that the sound balance of non-Bose speakers is adjusted according to volume via a proprietary DSP technique. If you connect Bose speakers, a user-defined equalizer can be unleashed on the sound, should you feel the need. The Music Amplifier costs €799.95

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