CLIC introduces new models


Importer Latham Audio announces that Danish brand j CLIC is adding new models to their hi-fi furniture this fall.

‘Hear Beauty. See Beauty. Hide Everything Else. This catchy slogan from the Danish AV furniture manufacturer combines design with a well-thought-out piece of furniture full of clever applications. Think of a double back panel to store the cables and, if desired, the furniture can be equipped with a cable duct to the top. No hassle with cables and everything neatly out of sight,” says importer Latham Audio about CLIC.

New height

This fall CLIC will introduce a new variant with a height of only 26cm. Latham: ‘This gives the furniture a low profile which creates a contemporary look. The furniture is available in various colors and wood veneer finishes. The new height is available in 2 differences depths. Respectively 37.5 and 45 cm. In addition, there are 2 choices regarding the width of the furniture. As desired, the furniture can be wall-mounted or equipped with various options with stands or wheels. This is how you put together your ideal furniture’. By the way, the photo above shows the 1541 in Walnut.

Place for iconic turntables of TECHNICS and LINN

CLIC meets the desire to give turntables a prominent place in the living room. Previously, CLIC had the option of creating a special cutout for a vinyl collection. Now they come up with a special recess for the well-known Technics SL-1200 and related models from the same manufacturer. Through this recess, the turntable will sink into the furniture levelled with the top of the furniture, or you choose a height of 12mm with respect to the top plate. Because of this clever solution, all annoying cables are directly out of sight. There is also a solution for the LINN LP12 where the feet fit exactly into special recesses. In addition, there is a special recess at the height of the arm to guide the cables through in a nice way. These possibilities differ per model, for exact possibilities there the website of CLIC.

Availability and information

‘Furniture from CLIC is available from a network of specialized CLIC specialty stores. They will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and options. A list of dealers can be found on our website: audio/dealer finder. A current price list and brochure can be found on the download section of our website,’ the importer reports.

iEar show: During the upcoming iEar show (November 26 and 27) you will find Latham Audio in Room S16 with CLIC to answer any questions.

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